Holistic Psychotherapy


Ecopsychology begins with the awareness that we are interconnected with the natural world with every breath. Our senses evolved to perceive the natural world. Our appreciation of beauty has evolved with the natural world as its first reference point. We use natural imagery in poetry, art, dreams, and even music.

Our relationships with the places where we live, or that we visit, impact our well-being, and affect how we see ourselves and our world.

Ecopsychology makes use of this emotional interdependence with nature to support well-being, growth and wholeness. This, in turn, helps us to be better stewards of the natural world.

Ecopsychology supports the development of relationship with, and affection for, place.

Ecopsychology addresses feelings of anger, grief and fear that may arise in the face of destruction due to development or environmental catastrophe; or in response to the magnitude of environmental challenges facing the world; to rediscover meaning, connectedness, empowerment and hope.

Ecopsychology seeks to bring us home to the greater whole of which we are a part, to remember the living context of our lives, and to discover what we each, uniquely, can contribute.

While the nature has been my primary “teacher” regarding this, I have also studied with Joanna Macy (Coming Back To Life), Sandra Ingerman (Soul Retrieval), Jon Young (founder, Wilderness Awareness School), and others.  I am a facilitator of Joanna Macy’s “Work that Reconnects”.

Ecopsychology Therapy

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