Holistic Psychotherapy

Child and Family Therapy

Child and family therapy may include: individual play therapy with children, family sessions, parenting training.

My work with children always supports the family as a whole, as I believe that parents are a child’s best resource. Even if I am providing play therapy for children, I also involve the parents in the process.

Because children express their feelings, and sort their experiences through play, play therapy can be helpful for children who showing signs of anxiety, depression, or who are having difficulty coping with challenges such as a divorce, loss or remarriage in the family. It can also be helpful for children who have experienced serious trauma, if done together with parenting support.

For children who are demonstrating difficult behaviors, such as angry outbursts, defiance and aggression, the most effective form of treatment is to assist parents in addressing the behaviors in a positive way. Even very good parents may need support in addressing the behavior of children who have experienced divorce, loss or other trauma. Children may need to be assured of the safety of a secure container in the family for their behavior, before they can directly address their feelings.

Treatment is always tailored to the unique strengths and challenges of each child and family.