Holistic Psychotherapy

Adoption Home Studies

I am approved by the Whatcom County Superior Court to provide Adoption Pre- and Post-Placement Home Studies.

While most adoption agencies ask that the Home Studies be done within the agency, there are circumstances where an adoption is occurring outside an agency. These are generally step-parent adoptions, relative adoptions, or other adoptions where the child is well-known to the adoptive parents and may have already resided with them for an extended time. Washington State Law requires a home study regardless of the circumstances of the adoption.

Washington State Law is very specific about what is required in a home study.

Each home study requires an extensive interview of both parents and the child (unless very young), an examination of the home, and background of the parents, and three references.

Supporting paperwork includes: a criminal background check through the Washington State Patrol; letters from doctors regarding general health and fitness to parent; income tax and/or other financial records; a letter from a mental health provider if the adoptive parent has been in counseling more recently than three years ago.