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2015 Winter Feast for the Soul  ~  

                          a multi-faith banquet for the inner life

January 15 – February 23rd 2015      6:45 – 7:30 pm daily

Immerse yourself in 40 days of interspiritual meditations and prayers from around the world – Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Christian, Jewish, and more. Every evening is facilitated by skilled, knowledgeable teachers and spiritual/religious leaders from our diverse, local community, drawn together by the scent of the sacred.

Sharing in each other’s spiritual practice is a powerful way to bring peace, healing and spiritual communion to our world family. Sharing contemplative time together also deeply supports our individual inner life.

This event is part of the global Winter Feast for the Soul (www.winterfeastforthesoul.com)

Inspired by Jelaluddin Rumi:  “What 9 months does for the embryo, 40 early mornings will do for your growing awareness.”

Come once, come everyday, come when you can…..

Location and Sponsor: 
The Center for SACREd Change www.centerforsacredchange.org                                                                                                                713 E. Sunset Dr. Bellingham, WA
Donations gratefully received.
Please contact Emily Farrell, or the Center for SACREd Change for more information.
Emily Farrell will be one of the facilitators.

Our contemplations, meditations and prayers are dedicated to all beings everywhere, and to the healing and protection of the earth.




Recent Events

May – Sept 2014   A Monthly Circle based on Joanna Macy’s work – This circle met 2x / month for 6 months following the spiral process of Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects.

Jan 15, 2014 – Feb 23, 2014   Winter Feast for the Soul – 40 minutes of meditation each day for 40 days, facilitated by teachers from the diverse spiritual traditions of our local community.

October 2013  The Work that Reconnects – Awakening Passion, Purpose and Hope – a one day workshop based on Joanna Macy’s work, supporting each other in our efforts on behalf of the world

Spring 2013 Ecopsychology and Our Relationship with Place – An experiential outdoor class held over 4 evenings in a local park.

Ecopsychology Therapy
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