Holistic Psychotherapy

Winter Solstice 2013 – Embracing the Dark

The days are short and the sun is low on the horizon. The north wind whistles down from the Fraser river, bringing freezing cold, starry nights. The season naturally turns our focus inward.

Some activities:

 1) Spend an evening (or 2 or 3) illumined only by candlelight.

2) Walk outside at night without a flashlight – feel your feet, listen, enjoy holiday lighting in the dark.

3) Walk a labyrinth, make time form meditation, music, journaling, art – whatever helps you turn inward.

4) Spend time in solitude, and choose intimate time with loved ones.

5) Create some time on or near the solstice, the shortest day, to reflect on the deepest intent you’d like to work with over the next year.

6) Go outside every day, even if it is cold, wet and windy.

Warm wishes, Emily